Help Habibi aims to help students with their Assignments, Homework, Coursework & More. The company has worked with students studying in different colleges and universities around the globe. We have established a network of tutors over the years who are dedicated professionals fulfilling our company's mission to help students secure excellent grades in their assignment and courses.

The Help Habibi network of tutors, professors and professionals offer a wide range of services to the student community - including, any type of homework help.

Help Habibi tutors are dedicated to help students succeed in their studies. Whether you are taking a difficult test, facing a writing assignment with many complex requirements, or struggling in an online course, our experts will guide you through the entire process and make your work easy. We also promise that you will never face any plagiarism issues at our service because we have a thorough anti-plagiarism system.

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We Started with a group of 5 people with education in different fields. We did our market research and concluded that similar to many students we have faced a large number of problems while doing our assignments. If you're working alongside getting education your grades the chances of your grades getting poor increases as most of us had to do part-time jobs. We realized that there are a large number of students who need helps with their work since not all students are perfect at managing time and stress.

Through taking inputs from our handful of clients we started developing our content that can appeal to students who are looking for assignment help services. The results were huge as a large number of students found themselves in tough situations managing their personal, academic, and professional lives. Some students were focused on their major courses and acquired our help in their elective courses. We can happily claim that till date we have successfully helped around 500+ students in a wide variety of courses and assignments.

Whenever a new student approached us asking if we could help him with his assignment and in case there was no tutor available we used to look for a reliable tutor who can deliever on our company's mission. 5 years of helping students, empowered us to arrange tutors with diverse skillset. We are constantly looking for good tutors that can help students & the journey has just started









Success Stories

HelpHabibi is a leading academic services provider that caters to the educational needs of students across the globe. We have been able to create an enviable client list in every region of the world by providing high quality tutors who are available 24/7 for your service. Over the years we have built many loyal clients and we will continue to work closely with you as you seek help to achieve academic success.

We can undoubtedly say, that throughout these years we have helped a large number of students in a wide variety of courses. The commitment to excellence and sticking to our aim of providing excellent assignment help to students has helped us stick in market. We started with little or no resources, as the time was spent in the industry, we developed our resources accordingly. Experience teaches you something, that no knowledge can. Experience taught us how to develop homework solutions that can help students progress in their courses with excellent grades. We kept our focus on providing quality to fulfill the instructors/universities expectations.

Experience taught us that every assignment is a new challenge, here at Help Habibi we love challenges. As long as the challenges keep coming, we will continuosly improve our services to deliever the best possible results for our students.